How You Can Improve Your Day to Day Living

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What is your biggest distraction? I’m not sure what is my biggest distraction but I hate noise and sometimes I am unable to control it, because of the origin of the sound. So what do I do? Wait until the noise subsided and begin my work. Early mornings are not only great for exercising and coffee but to begin writing. When the mind is fresh and less tired. Or whatever works for you.

You want to improve your days so you can have the best life. But it’s difficult sometimes to figure out how to begin such a task because every day your mood may vary, and you would want to have a plan or schedule that is feasible and not send you through the roof.

“Self-improvement is the name of the game, and your primary objective is to strengthen yourself, not destroy your opponent”

Maxwell Maltz

How to Improve Your Day to Day Living

  1. Have morning inspiration to seize your day. We all have bad days and good days that we have to learn from, but each morning we must begin our day with a positive mindset and the attitude that it’s going to be a great and fulfilling day. It will take time before you can form this habit but it will give you positive energy that could change your life, while building the momentum for the day. Here is an example shortlist of some of the ways you can inspire your daily life.
  • Practice meditatation and yoga
  • Gather a list of quotes from your favourite person and read them each morning
  • Get out the house and take that morning walk.
  • Listen to that podcast, speech or musical interlude that inspires you
  • Review your goals and how you are progressing
  • Exercise to improve your state of mind


2, Always listen to your body. Take Breaks During The Day. This will help to improve your concentration and performance. When I worked in the office, I used to take multiple breaks. I have found that after a break you are more energised and motivated. I’ve also discovered that working without breaks leaves one tiresome and fatigued and eventual low performance. Restoring your physical and mental energy is important to maintaining enthusiasm for higher productivity.

3. Sleep is vital for our bodies. Get Adequate Sleep. Most adults need at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night. Be consistent with your sleeping habits. And for quality sleep remove electronic devices, avoid large meals and ensure a clean and relaxing environment. Quality sleep helps you function well during the day. It recharges your body and mind and leaves you more alert and improves your mood. Sleep deficiency makes you less productive and decreases your concentration.

4. Eliminate Unwanted Things. How do you get rid of things that are no longer meaningful or those things you hoard for “special” reasons? If you are a clutter keeper it’s time to bid this garbage goodbye. If you are finding it difficult to do start by making a list of the things you’d like to keep and how meaningful they are to you. You can also donate to your favourite charity. Eliminating unwanted items will keep your surrounding air, light, clean and healthy. If something or someone isn’t adding value to your life why should you hoard it? Create spaces that would add a positive impact on your mindset and all areas of your life.

5. Don’t wait for special occasions to call that friend or relative whom you haven’t heard from for years. Contact that person before you grow older and are unable to remember their name/s. Or if you hate phone calls like me you can resort to sending an email or text message. We all need each other to survive and a simple contact will go a long way for you and that person. Technology has become an important part of our life and has made it easier for us to communicate with others. Maintaining friendships is good when you have the right people around you. Honest, reliable, valuable and loyal – people who uplift and encourage you to do better.

You’ll have those days when nothing will go right. But improving your day doesn’t mean you won’t experience stress and distractions. A good day is when you have had all the challenges and still say you had a good one because in spite of the challenges you were able to persevere. Remember, always set your intentions each day and know where to focus your attention. The more you practice you are likely to be more successful at what you do.

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