Self-Development: 4 Communication Barriers That Can Affect Your Growth

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What is communication barriers and how does it contribute to our personal development?

Communication barriers are those things within your life that prevent you from understanding and receiving messages and ideas communicated to you.

Have you ever wondered why you may be feeling stuck on your journey of self-development? There are countless reasons that might be causing you to feel this way. Like you’re struggling or you’re not going to make it.

In personal development, there are numerous approaches to your growth and progress. Apart from those such as setting goals, emotional growth and mental growth communication skills play a major role in developing your personal life. Of this, there are four communication barriers that negatively impact your development.

As someone who constantly seeks ways to develop my communication skills, I am aware of the danger that these barriers produce.

Sometimes you work so hard to improve yourself and fail to realize those obstacles that are holding you back simply because they appear too good to be true or you are just oblivious that the thing itself can be the source of your failure.

For you to communicate effectively it is important to overcome there these barriers so that you can clearly convey your message.

Importance of Clear Communication

The ability to communicate effectively whether you’re at work, among your peers or in random conversation – if you are that kind of individual, helps you to build trust with others especially those in your close circle. Part of good communication is the ability to listen and give feedback. This indicates whether you are listening and your ability to understand and interpret.

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most vital aspects of a skill to have in life. You become more assertive and build healthy and strong relationships in all areas of your life and that will eventually lead you to a happy life.

Here are 4 barriers to communication that can affect your growth

Inability to listen Listening is a vital aspect of communication and when you do not listen you’ll fail at interpreting and understanding what is being communicated. Additionally, being distracted by your assumption or daydreaming. Listening to others opinions encourages building solid relationships. In the process of making our lives better, we don’t do it alone because along the way we meet people and these are the ones who will contribute to our growth and development in one way or another.

Cultural barriers This is a problem that originates from a misunderstanding of the definition and cause as a result of cultural differences among people. It can cause issues and create friction in relationships.

Religious and spiritual beliefs can lead to conflict and behavioural differences – our mindset, norms, body language all these things can lead to miscommunication and misinterpretation. Despite all this, our differences are what makes us unique, but we can only understand this uniqueness if we communicate with the understanding that we all differ in opinion and mannerism and many other ways. Such can bring about long-lasting relationships and strengthen bonds among those you connect with.

Isolation How much of your time do you spend at home? Do you prefer spending your time alone or with friends? Isolation is something if you do not know how to balance, you can end up feeling bored or lonely.

Period of isolation could unfold as opportunities for growth and development. Opportunity to reflect on your goals and recharge.

On other occasions, prolonged isolation can de detrimental to your self-improvement. Your journey of enhancing your life means meeting people who will inspire and motivate you to become the person you are striving to become.

However, too much isolation can lead to disconnection and even stress. The key is to maintain a balanced life one that offers an opportunity for self-reflection, spiritual and social enhancement that is geared towards a more productive and successful life.

Attitude barrier These are perceptions, behaviour deriving from personality conflict, resisting change or lack of motivation. As these names suggest, they all can affect your communication skills. Having good behaviour are manifested in the way you treat others and ultimately yourself. Good behaviour can also help to make a good impression, which is crucial to your success.

The willingness to adopt new beliefs and values which can be spiritual, philosophical, cultural and social and personal values are important to you as an individual.

Admit it. Not every morning you’ll feel like getting out of that comfy bed and going after what you want. Whether it’s work, exercising, joining a class or reading to improve your knowledge. What would you do when you want to achieve something you’ve been waiting for so long? Allowing yourself to be defeated by feelings of demotivation won’t get you what you want. Therefore you must always remember why you’ve started and consider how bad you want it. Or change your environment.

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