5 Keys to A More Productive Lifestyle

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Habits are powerful routines of behaviours that dictate our life. And if we are not conscious of these behaviours we can ruin our lives.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. “


Can you think of a habit or habit in your life and the impact it is having on you? Are they worthwhile keeping?

Habits are an unquestionably dynamic aspect of your life and shape your future. They can enable you to achieve your goals or like I said, cause you dismay and be the source of your nightmare.

Think about those behaviours you exude automatically. For instance, how many times per day do you log in to Facebook? Is it something you predetermine? Or did it occur without a conscious effort?

While some habits are detrimental others are rewarding. Getting to work on time. That habit can help you keep your job. In contrast, If you have a habit of showing up for work late there will be consequences.

My friend Rachael (not her real name) learned how to change her habits. Prior to that, she was stuck. She kept trying to change various habits such as overeating, not sticking to her exercise regimen and procrastinating. She kept failing. She even said she is a perfect failure – for not staying on course. All that has changed. Why? She learned from her failures and adopted useful habits.

She once told me she became mindful of her behaviours and decided to make a change.

In this article, I will cover ten behaviours that will lead you to a more productive and successful lifestyle.

Wake up early. Wake up early because it allows you to rise with the sun. Don’t you think so? That depends on your geographical location. Waking up early is healthy unless your body tells you otherwise. For many, waking up early can be tiring. It may take a few mornings before you become accustomed and your internal clock will adjust to your new waking hours. Waking up early allow you to have extra time to complete your morning activities and eliminate the rush in the morning.

Exercise every day. Regular exercise is good for our bodies. I know this is cliche but I’m saying this from experience. Every morning I wake up early and exercise – it is one of my routines. If you are lacking sleep exercise can promote better sleep. It can also boost your energy and improve your mood. According to the CDC.Gov regardless of your age, shape or ethnicity regular exercise is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Quit Procrastinating. Putting things off until the last minute can cause you to miss important deadlines. I procrastinated a lot before I started University. It was always whether to go or not until I did. The horrible part of procrastination is that it can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety especially last-minute. It makes you nervous and anxious. Procrastination can cause work that needed to be done often left undone as a result of waiting to be completed.

Work on important things. Understand your goals, identify what is important and outline the task to be done. Alternatively, you can use a calendar to set out your goals. Focus on work that is important and give them the time they deserve. Sometimes you have a tendency to finish the small and unimportant tasks rather than working on more complex ones. Always make sure you are working on meaningful things.

Manage your time well. How well do you manage your time? Many of you try to get so many things done within a certain time yet failed to get most of it completed. Organize your time intelligently so that you can use it more effectively. The use of a daily planner will be a great addition to help to get things done. When you are able to manage your time more productively you will get more done within an established time frame.

Envision the life you want. When you envision your future what do you see? Having a clear vision for your future is very important. It gives you the feeling of attainment before you get there. Envisioning your future also help you decide whether that is the reality you want based on the decisions you are making. Taking time to envision your future and what you desire and its importance will help you gain the understanding and clarity you need to define and achieve your goals.

Empower your mind. How do you empower your mind? There are so many ways to do this – including reading, learning a new skill, networking with the right people. These are the things that contribute to your growth and development as an individual. It affects your behaviour, your thinking, actions and decision making toward your goal. Empowering your mind will let you take control of your own life based on what you want to accomplish.

Final thought

Developing and maintaining good habits is no walkover. It takes effort, persistence, desire and passion to pursue what you want. This is a process so you must be patient and disciplined. Find inspiration each day to begin at least one of the above. This is an opportunity to lead and foster yourself and give yourself the means to become successful so set clear directions and stick to it.

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