Creating a Positive Mind For a Positive Environment

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A positive environment is that place that promotes your safety, personal development and goal attainment.

What is a positive environment? A space where positive values, open and honest communication, respect, understanding, empowering, and support bloom. It’s an atmosphere of positivity and optimism. It’s a place where healthy relationships flourish regardless of conflicts that occur. What kind of environment do you prefer to be in?

I love being in an environment of peace and tranquillity. Although I am unable to evade the noise sometimes. I love to be where there’s laughter, mutual respect, understanding, encouragement, protection and where there’s scope for growth.

Whether it’s your workplace or home, having an atmosphere of positivity is important to promoting personal growth. The environment we dwell in impacts our creativity, productivity, and increases our chances for success in whatever we desire.

On the other hand, a negative environment can have a lasting effect on our mood, restrict opportunities for personal growth, educational opportunities, interpersonal relationships and drain our energy. It would take a lot of hard work and courage to enhance your personal growth when you want to improve your lives but chose to remain in an unhealthy environment. Some of us have no other choice. Or perhaps the choice is always ours.

We owe it to ourselves to create an environment in our lives that is conducive to the nourishment of our development. Not many of us are able to thrive in a negative place. Some people do, with much agony. This is because a negative environment requires one to expend a lot more mental energy in order to survive and develop.

An environment where there is positivity, emotional and moral support can affect our behaviour and inspire us to take action. According to Dr Mary Jo Kreitzer, RN, PhD “The environment can facilitate or discourage interaction among people (and the subsequent benefit of social support).” It can also influence people’s attitude and motivation to take initiative and influence their mood.

Below I share a video with you. Listen to the speaker talk briefly about our mindset and our environment and the impact it holds.

How do you change your mindset to create a positive environment

Having a positive mindset is vital to creating a positive environment. This is interpreted as challenging unpleasant situations with a positive attitude. It’s thinking that the outcome of a problem will be in our favour rather than worst.

So how do we create a positive mindset in order to change our environment?

To create a positive mindset one must understand that doing so is a process. Our ability coupled with the desire and determination to progress, and become successful in whatever we are pursuing must align with our thoughts and actions. We all have the potential to attain and become the best version of ourselves.

The power to determine our choices and what we want to achieve belong to us. If the desire and determination are present we can realize the dream that once seemed unreachable. All this requires a lot of positivity. At times there won’t appear to be any. It is not what it looks like during that time, but how we respond to what is happening around us. And this will determine how we progress and accomplish our goals.

If we allow uncertainty to cloud our vision we will constantly question ourselves and doubt ourselves. We must avoid dwelling on the things we cannot control and seek support from those that are like-minded. Develop new skills and reflect on things that we’ve excelled in. Life is filled with uncertainty and worries but that doesn’t mean we have to succumb to defeat. Let uncertainty be the stepping stone towards our achievement.

Avoid being irrationally positive.

Building a mindset of positivity begins with self-assessment and self-talk. Self-assessment will provide us with the opportunity to evaluate ourselves and make judgements based on the standard we have established. This is an important aspect as it eliminates any forms of scepticism and enables us to strive for growth. Self-talk is the way we say things to ourselves. Sometimes we are unaware we’re doing it – it is our inner dialogue and that’s the reason why it’s so important because it largely affects how we feel and what we do. If we want to emphasise positive self-talk we have to shift our inner dialogue. Our inner dialogue influences our thoughts beliefs and ideas.

Here are two examples of self-talk I have the power to change my environment and Fear is only a feeling. It cannot hold me back. Our thoughts affect our emotions and mood. Watch what you think.

A positive mindset is important to give us the things we desire in our lives. A positive mindset will determine the quality of the environment we choose to be in, our attitude towards life, our mental health, relationships and our career.

Am leaving you with this video.

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