6 Successful Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

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Self-confidence is the belief and trust in ourselves or a situation or our abilities.

As social animals, I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to be confident in our pursuit of careers and whatever we do in our daily lives. If we want to create an impact in the lives of others we must first have an enormous amount of confidence working for us. This doesn’t have to be egotistical, but more pragmatic and firm. It is not being superior to others, but with the understanding and knowledge that you are enough and proficient.

Self-confidence comes from a consciousness of self-acceptance inside out; a feeling of security knowing you can rely on your skills and abilities. Perhaps there are many other ways to describe self-confidence.

“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

dalai lama

Negativity has a way of getting into our day to day life by way of communicating with others or our own thoughts. Sometimes these negative elements manage to defeat us and subsequently affect us in such a manner that gives rise to the belief that we are incompetent or incapable. Hence, we become less confident in ourselves.

How do we remove this negativity from our lives? First of all, removing negativity from our lives doesn’t mean we would stop experiencing bad days. It means we can condition ourselves to withstand these elements by controlling how we react to the source of our despondency. Making a conscious effort to manage this can be very effective towards improving our self-confidence. The lack of confidence emanates from various sources such as low self-esteem, stressful life situation, poor parental upbringing, self-criticism, bullying, self-doubt and ridicule. This list isn’t exhaustive.

Benefits of self-confidence

  • Increase self-worth
  • Reduce fear
  • Reduce negativity
  • Healthy and stronger relationships
  • Increase self satisfaction
  • Comfortable when facing challenges
  • You’re motivated to pursue goals
  • You will have a stronger sense of purpose

Research has found that people who are more confident are more inclined to be successful academically. Self-confidence can help us live a more satisfactory life. I said that because when we are confident we are more motivated to pursue and accomplish our dreams.

Below I share with you a video regarding confidence.

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you 6 ways to boost your self-confidence.

Be open-minded This is generally taught to be a positive feature and is a necessity to think critically. This means welcoming new ideas, arguments and information not normally entertained. Being open-minded isn’t easy because some of us are guarded by religious and cultural beliefs and norms that create a barrier for the rational mind. When we are open-minded we allow ourselves to have new experiences and we become more optimistic and more likely to achieve personal growth.

Be decisive Be confident and competent in your decision making. Committing to your decision allow you to build true confidence and your abilities. Avoid being wishy-washy and stick to what you have decided. Being decisive put you in control of your life and less overwhelmed by obstacles.

Surround yourself with positive people Decide that you are special and deserve everything good. Let go of toxic relationships, friends and families. If you want to grow and get better release those things that are holding you back. It is important to surround yourself with positive people because the people you surround yourself with are a reflection of you. Surrounding yourself with positive people will build your self-esteem and give you a sense of security. When you surround yourself with positive people they’ll support your goals and push you to become successful. Am I right? If your network is confident in you – you in turn will be confident in yourself.

Practice positive thinking Having a positive attitude is the practice of focusing on the good things in a bad situation. Develop a positive mindset no matter how bad your current circumstances are. It is about anticipating happiness in an unpleasant situation. As mentioned earlier when you surround yourself with positive people their behaviour will influence you in a positive manner and therefore change your outlook about yourself.

Encourage yourself Being an encouragement to yourself is being self-motivated. There is distraction all around us and many times we find it difficult to speak and think positively toward ourselves. Try being your own best friend and keep a sense of humour. Spend time doing the things you love and inspire you. Encouraging yourself will strengthen your tenacity and build your self-confidence.

Build confident habits What are confident habits? Confident habits are doing the things that make you uncomfortable even though you are afraid. Fear or failure doesn’t stop you from pursuing your ambitions. Speak with confidence even though you are afraid. Focus on your strengths and learn to take initiative particularly at your place of work. This will make your people skills stronger and improve your self-confidence as you become engaged and result oriented.

Building self-confidence is timely. But with constant practice, it becomes easier over time. Do not underestimate the impact on your mind and thoughts. They help to form your action. So, get out of your comfort zone and take action. By doing this, you will inspire confidence in yourself to accomplish what you want.

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