4 Strategy to Cultivate Self-Worth

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According to the merriam-webster self-worth can be defined as “a sense of one’s own value as a human.” This, in my opinion, can be interpreted as how an individual views himself or herself as having good qualities, capabilities and accepting yourself wholeheartedly and does not rely on the opinion of others.

How do you value yourself? How do you base your value? Do you base your value on your achievements, the car you drive, the titles you possess? Too many times we place our value on the things that can be taken away from us – things that are temporary and superficial. These things increase our net worth, not our self-worth. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying it’s bad for us to have these things. The problem is that all those can change and leave us feeling worthless. Have you ever imagined how you’d feel if you were to lose everything you have? Would you still feel like you belong to that influential part of society? Would you still feel like you are better than everyone else? Would you still want to be a part of that socialite group? I may hurt you, but hey. When we allow our worth to solely revolve around these things it blinds us from recognizing our real value as a human.

Real self-worth is not defined by external factors, but by an internal state of being that originates from a place of self-love and self-acceptance. It is accepting yourself with all your weaknesses and imperfections after self-analysis. Consequently, whoever you see yourself as is who you are. Additionally, you must be honest with yourself in order to conceive an honest result. Avoid looking for self-worth in things and people.

The importance of self-worth

Self-worth is important in our relationships whether in the workplace, at home, with our friends and even ourselves. It also impacts who we aspire to become. People with a positive view of themselves understand their potential to take on new challenges. Believing in your value is crucial otherwise it’s easy to become a victim of the belief that your value and self-worth rests with other people or your possession. This is how it is generally seen by most people and some may even be offended by this but if you stop and think of the true meaning of the word you will find that it is the total opposite of what you have been believing.

One must value him or herself enough to refuse to settle for anything beneath the bar they’ve set for themselves. This doesn’t mean you are better than everyone, but it sets you apart because you have chosen not to allow external factors to dictate your perception of yourself.

Self-worth and Personal Development

Having a sense of self-worth gives you the confidence to trust your own judgement which is a very important characteristic that can strengthen your effort to achieve your goals. Self-worth can give you the power you need to stand and officiate that meeting you never wanted to do or spend time being a part of a group discussion you hated before.

Here are 5 strategies to cultivate self-worth

Treat yourself with respect Have regard for yourself. Treat yourself the way you would like to be treated. Having self-respect give you a feeling of confidence and pride in yourself. Respecting yourself help you harness the way you perceive things and change how you view yourself.

Practice self-love Taking care of yourself. Prioritizing your needs above others. Let go of toxic people. Quit thinking about what others think of you, stop comparing yourself to other people. This isn’t being self-fish. How can you take care of others if you never take care of yourself? As the saying goes you cannot pour from an empty glass. When you practice self-love you will stop comparing yourself to others.

Construct positive relationships You are in charge of your life. Recognize this and create the outcome you desire. Avoid the blame game and try to resolve issues cordially. Be open and honest in your communications with those you work with and close relatives and friends. Be positive. People who are positive love being around positive people. That kind of energy is transferrable. Respect the people you are around. For successful relationships to take place build positive and healthy connections with like-minded individuals.

Challenge negative beliefs How do you challenge harmful core beliefs? First, try identifying by bringing to mind the thoughts that often come to your mind such as “I’m not good enough,” “I’m unloveable,” or “I’m so poor.” These beliefs shape our reality and should be replaced by positive ones.

Find positive role models The people you surround yourself with will have a major impact on your life. Therefore, who you spend your time with is absolutely important. Find positive models and learn the way they think, their behaviour, and the way they relate to others. Their positivity will motivate you to take the right action and allow you to grow.

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