Why I Believe New Years Resolution Are Pointless

Why attempt to set a resolution when you have no idea what will transpire in the next few months? Or better yet, why set resolutions at the end of the year when you can make them any time during the year? After all, we’ve seen the uncertainty this Covid Pandemic has brought with it.

Why do we make resolutions? I’ve asked a few acquaintances this question and these are some of the responses I’ve got. “It feels good to make a change at the end of the year,” ” I’ve been waiting for a new beginning,” “This is the best time to do so,” I’d like to see some changes in my life,” “It makes me feel good to know that I have a chance to change my life.” And many more BSs.

I’ve always seen new year resolutions as pointless. I recall people asking me “so what are your new year’s resolutions?” It irks me. I always believe that one shouldn’t have to be driven to make changes in their lives just because it’s the end of the year. Whatever happened to 364 days? Don’t get me wrong, I know there are many people out there who make resolutions all the time. I tend to think that people love the feeling they get when they think about new years resolutions – coupled with the large gatherings and celebrations on the most pumped night of the year – friends, family, drinks lights music etc. I guess all these are reasons to feel compelled and motivated to make a change in their life. What else?

I’m not here to write about whether one can uphold their new year’s resolution after January 1. Whether you can or not that is your responsibility.

My point is resolutions can be made any time of the year. But I guess it is more fitting when humans envision the words “new year resolutions.” Sounds powerful? Or pointless? In fact, making a resolution gives you a great sense of self and efficacy by strengthening your belief that you can take action that is beneficial to your life and your situation. But all this great feeling can be experienced during a year and not necessarily at the end of December.

You might even say it’s tradition. That is understandable. But humans love to follow each other – go with the flow – everyone is doing it. Blah blah. I know it feels great to reshuffle your life. But imagine having the same feeling during the year because you decide that you won’t sit around and wait for that special night in December.

Sometimes I wonder what is the psychology in it.

Don’t give up making resolutions. But perhaps you can consider making a resolution any time of the year. This doesn’t mean it will be easier to achieve, but it comes with the same requirements to maintain and accomplish.

The idea for a “feel-good moment” might propel you to transform your life into what you may not be ready for, or perhaps be influenced by external elements that don’t align with your vision. Take time to pause and reflect.

Understandably, whether you make resolutions at the end of the year or during the year you can end up having the same results. Whether bad or good. Or unaccomplished. Making it a reality is up to you.

However, waiting until the end of the year to make resolutions can be as exciting as doing so during the course of the year and offers many opportunities to experience moments of invigoration.

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One thought on “Why I Believe New Years Resolution Are Pointless

  1. I’m definitely of a similar opinion on New Year’s resolutions but I think for me it is because I’ve tried and failed so many times haha. I saw something really interesting about how, when you’re trying to reach goals, you should anchor yourself with a good end date that you really want to achieve and don’t really focus on the starting. I’m not entirely sure to what extent it works, but I think it’s the method I use when I’m writing so I guess it helps me!


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