6 Creative Ways to Practice Self-Expression

What is self-expression? I am sure many of us have a good idea of what it is. I define self-expression as “the act of expressing oneself in a variety of ways such as dancing, writing, your dressing style, drawing painting, speaking and singing.

Do you even sing? Can you?

Hello my friends how have you been doing lately? When last did you check up on your friends or family?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about that time when a friend of mine Nicole (not her real name) confided in me that she was dealing with an issue that is affecting her for a very long time. She began relating that this issue has been affecting her performance on the job and in personal relationships and she doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Her story took me back to a period in my life when I have had a similar experience. How did I deal with it? I thrived with it for some time and it was never a walk in the park.

However, at the time my friend spoke to me, I’d gotten past that stage in my life. Yep. Over a decade. So I had some amount of knowledge to share with her on fostering self-expression. And I was happy to do so. Smile.

I said to her “Have you ever asked yourself what is causing you to behave that way?” She didn’t hesitate to give me a sneak preview of the way she was brought up.

Her Mom and Dad were very strict. She recalled how she was a brave little girl but all that ended when her Mom died. Her Dad became even stricter with her and her siblings, and she was very afraid of him which cause her to isolate herself and this resulted in her feeling lonely. She had no one to talk to because her Dad always seemed angry and irritated.

Back to our conversation.

After relating to her that I’ve had a similar issue and the reason she’s having that problem, I shared with her some tips on how she can foster self-expression. Below I will give you some of these tips.

Foster self-expression.

Almost every one of us is creative in some way and by doing so builds our self-esteem. There are many ways we can learn to express ourselves and having an avenue to do is important.

Through self-expression, we connect with others and if we aren’t comfortable with ourselves it will be difficult to realize our full potential and make a difference in our lives and perhaps the lives of others.

“If we are really comitted to growth, we never stop discovering new dimensions of self and self-expression.”

Oprah Winfrey

Finding your voice

Many people have a hard time speaking up. This can be a result of several things namely, the lack of confidence, timid and shyness. Being shut down and misunderstood – like my friend can cause one to stop communicating.

Think about ways you can create opportunities to speak publicly.

Join a book club or if you do better by yourself find books that you love and cultivate a reading habit. Read aloud. Not for the neighbours, but yourself.

Attend speaking programs within your area and practice that will allow you to speak more confidently.

Get dressed up

Even if you don’t care about the latest fashion you can still deck out in your favourite and gorgeous outfit. How you feel is an exciting way to express yourself.


Do you write anything at all?

Many people use writing to express themselves. Through poetry, songs stories or a journal – writing your emotions, thoughts, and even your experiences. Share how exactly you feel when what took place happens to you. By doing this you will be able to understand yourself better. It helps you to tell your story and be honest with yourself.

Define who you are

Limiting belief can have a number of negative impacts on our lives. They keep us from making the right choices, and taking new opportunities and ultimately our full potential. We often define ourselves in an insignificant way because of our limiting beliefs.

The good thing is that we can redefine who we are by being open to new ideas and a new way of thinking. How do we do this? By reading the books that we once thought was not good enough for us or because we only read those books that are written by “godly people,” or certain writers. This will open the door for you to welcome new information and increase your scope of knowledge and understanding of yourself and the world.

Try something new

Do you like dancing? I am not a pro but I can dance to save my life. I remember joining a dance class and my first day I was a wreck but I showed up anyway. I was afraid of how I will look or what people will say or if I am going to get it right. The negatives took over. But that didn’t last. Over a period of time, I became more confident in expressing myself – so comfortable it was magical. But this was just the beginning of my journey because I had a long way to go.

If you give yourself a chance at dancing you will have lots of fun and dancing will give you the best chance of your life to move your body and manifest your feeling through its extraordinary creativity.

Develop self-knowledge

How do you move forward? Do you reflect and plan ahead or do you just move forward? All this was foreign to me when I was a young adult. I learned.

Reflection is vital in our lives. Looking inside our lives help us to know ourselves better and gives us a sense of direction on how to progress with purpose and aim.

When we move forward with the right intention it gives us a sense of purpose and helps us to understand our weaknesses and strengths.

Final thought

If you ever feel afraid or not confident to do these things then take a step back and question what is good for you and what you’re comfortable with. Remember, this is about you and it matters. Go easy on yourself.

Always know this, you aren’t the only person with this experience. There are many others, so never feel alone and afraid or even ashamed. Just be happy you are able to realize your worth and go for it. In the end, you will be happy you have rekindled the spirit you were born and that is most rewarding.

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