Decision Making: Why Is It a Struggle For Some of Us?

Have you ever feared making the wrong decision? Fear of the consequences? We all make decisions every day. Most of them are minor and insignificant. For example, what am I wearing today? What am I having for dinner? What if people don’t like what I choose? What if I choose the wrong thing?

Some decisions are more composite than others. For example, should I relocate to a different country? Should I get married and purchase a house? These decisions are critical because they can have a lasting effect on one’s life.

One of the many things you do in life is make choices. Your beliefs are influenced by experiences and the environment you grew up in – positive and negative. But when you choose to construct positivity you have the power to shift your reality.

Many times when making decisions miscalculations are made, and this can be credited to misplaced objectives or not thinking it through. Thus, you only view things based on your personal experiences. You tend to think that way without realizing it.

Overwhelmed, impatience or choice overload. These are some of the things that bugged us. I recall being at a point in my life when I was unable to conclude a plan in order to come up with a decision; it wasn’t that I hadn’t the capacity to do so, but more like an experience of a state of being overwhelmed and impatient. Sometimes I’d take forever. As a consequence, the decisions are made and improperly formulated never accomplished.

By now you’d know why.

Below I give you 7 reason that makes decision making a struggle.

  • You have no courage to follow through with your decisions.
  • You have no desire to see the goal materialise.
  • Perhaps your parents have done it for you in the past and now you find it difficult to make decisions of your own.
  • You take extensive time to make a decision and quickly change.
  • You have no firm desire of your own.
  • You cannot conclude what is right for you. Choice overload.

Here are a few tips to help you rid yourself of the habit of indecisiveness.

When you need to make an important decision, and you have several options, you can become indecisive. When you understand why you are in a state of indecisiveness you will be able to overcome it and develop more confidence in your decision-making process.

  • Weigh the benefits of your options
  • Be strategic in your thinking
  • Rid yourself of the perfectionist mindset
  • Understand the impact of your decisions
  • Work on your self-confidence
  • Eliminate options that are not valuable to you

You may ask, “what if you don’t know what you want?”

Stop it! If you’re the only person on the earth, would you know what you want? Imagine you’re the only person on the earth and that will make you know precisely what you want.

But why is this so?

When you imagine you are alone on earth while making the wrong decision and no one to judge you – you become more confident in going after what you want as opposed to imagining everyone criticizing you.

So it simmers down to your self-confidence.

To conclude, doing something beat nothing. The only way to move past your fears is to take action. And sometimes making the wrong decision brings a new perspective on how to move forward.

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