Stop Criticizing Yourself: Why You Should Embrace Your Imperfection

What are your imperfections?

These are the personal traits that we believe make us inferior or even hate ourselves. It is our flaws. Those things that make us wish we were and try to change about ourselves.

You struggle to accept yourself for who you are. Many times you are unable to change these things. For example, hearing impairment or an accident that left you an amputee.

These are some of the hardest things for anyone to accept.

Then there is this feeling of the need to always be perfect at what you do. For instance, our performance at school, our job and our body. The list is endless.

Why beat yourself over things that are uncontrollable?

It is a natural part of humanity to feel the need to be perfect at something.

But what if you are only trying for those things that are beyond your power? Would it make sense? How far would you go to make it happen?

No one is perfect.

You may have been cultured from a very young age that you need to be perfect at what you do or look a certain way or perform to a level of expectation. And this impression lingers within you that you have to be perfect at everything you do.

No one and nothing is perfect.

If you’re still trying to attain perfection you’ll be doing so forever.

Or, you are delusional.

How do you embrace your imperfections?

Focus on what you can control

Trying to have control of what isn’t within your power will drain your energy and leave you in frustration. Instead, save it and channel your attention and energy into those things that are within your power. When you do this, you become the driver of your life. At this point, it becomes harder for you to criticize yourself because you’ve become intentional about the state of your mind and how you want to progress.

Within this sphere, you are growing emotionally and mentally. Your thinking becomes rational and this will keep you positive and aid in focusing on what is right for you.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be those days when you will feel like doing otherwise. You’re human and this will occur, but this time you are in control. How powerful!

Practice Mindfulness

Seeing this a lot? Am not done yet. I am a big believer in mindfulness and mediation.

Mindfulness increases your ability to focus, as well as observe your thoughts and feelings. Yes, it keeps you in the present moment and improves cognitive control.

When your mind attempt to trick you into thinking that you can achieve perfection; being mindful will be your lifeguard to save you from drowning in those thoughts that come back to deceive you.

There are many things you can change and so it is with those you cannot.

Develop self-empathy

What’s self-empathy? This is being kind, gentle and compassionate to yourself. It is when you accept yourself as you are. Strengthening your self-compassion will foster a sense of contentedness.

When you notice something about yourself you dislike, rather than being harsh on yourself, and trying to perfect it, recognize that the human condition is imperfect and this will make you feel connected instead of feeling isolated or different.

Final Thought

Stop chasing perfection, It’s not a pot of gold. Rather, embrace yourself with kindness and compassion.

Whatever you perceive to be the source of your suffering, always remind yourselves that no one is perfect – not even you. Additionally, whatever is driving you to believe that you can attain perfection; whether it is social media, your friends or that advertisement you always see on television, you would do better without it. Remember, kindness and compassion towards yourself are truly essential for developing worthiness and approval.

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