Tips To Prevent Holiday Burn Out

It’s almost two years into the pandemic and everyone seem overwhelmed, and with the holidays just a few weeks away, this feeling can intensity as most people try to balance year-end deadlines, reviews, travels, holiday parties, shopping and family visits among others. The activities are very demanding, and the amount of time to recharge makes it easy to become saturated.

We can manage the holidays’ stress with the right mindset if we choose what we want to hear, feel and experience during the holiday season. Don’t feel bad for taking a break in between activities. You deserve it.

Here are a few tips to help you cope with the hustle and bustle of the coming season.

  • Delegate task to members of the family, namely the children
  • Avoid overcommiting youself to social activities
  • Ensure self-care is a priority -not an option
  • Add some motion to your daily schedule – maybe a quick walk
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Prioritise your tasks
  • Try shopping online to avoid congested places
  • Practice being grateful. It is much need during this time of the year
  • Carefully consider invitations before accepting it

Try implementing some of these tips and see how it helps. Do what makes you and your family happy. Nothing about this holiday season has to be dreadful or tiresome if you try to keep a balance between fun, working, decorating, shopping and socialising.

Try not to burn the candles at both ends. Go easy on yourself amid the extra demands and expectations that are associated with the season.

Give yourself permission to decide what is right and important for you, and the way you plan, to make this season enjoyable and meaningful.

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