Things You Should Know

About yourself …

  • What is your philosophy
  • Your definition of success
  • Your strength and weaknesses
  • What activities makes you stand out
  • Your perspective of yourself
  • What/who drains your energy
  • What you can and cannot tolerate

Never Tell Yourself …

  • It’s too dificult for you do
  • Am too old. So why try
  • I am not a lucky person
  • I cannot change. This is me.
  • People owe you validation
  • You have to own a particular thing before you be grateful

Habits to Smash …

  • Working while you are unwell
  • Overreacting and overthinking
  • Bitching about things you can’t control
  • Stuffing your face with junk food
  • Wishing for this and that – go out get it
  • Coveteousness and negativity

Truth About Life …

  • Life is better lived when you know your purpose
  • Great friendships enriches your life
  • Live well, none of us is getting out alive
  • Making plans are good but life can be unpredictable. Plan anyway.
  • Honour your beliefs and values
  • Nothing comes to you lying down. Get up and get out.
  • Life is a combination of setbacks and comebacks – it will make you laugh and it will make you cry.
  • You aren’t always respected, when you give respect.

Patience is Virtue
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Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Blog. I'm all about self-improvement - self-improvement that involves daily and consistent actions, and the right mental attitude and behaviour in an effort to accomplish your goals; strengthening your confidence and self-esteem. Discover yourself as you become more mindful, present and peaceful in your life. I choose to share my writing with you and I hope you enjoy it and become inspired and aspire to your greatest heights.

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