10 Tips for Monday Morning Motivation

The word motivation is all around except in the bin. Perhaps it’s because we need it. Sometimes everything slows down and you feel as though you are stuck.

And this just came to mind, everyone likes to talk about the “Monday blues” sorry I don’t know how that feels. I guess it’s because I don’t have a day I hate. How do you hate a day/morning? I would assume it’s because it’s that time of the week when you head back to the office from a well rested weekend or one filled with fun and frolic. That lovely job that pays your bills. Or don’t you love it?

As hard as things can get at times we have to get up and make that move. Here are a few tips to help you get your game going on Monday mornings.

  • When you awake in the morning find one thing to be grateful for
  • Bet on yourself for the day to get out there and get things done
  • Destroy the grumpy mindset that Monday is a bad day
  • Try writing a list of what you don’t like about Monday to figure out exactly if it’s Monday or your job that you hate
  • Make sure you sleep early the night before. Yeah, go to bed with gratitude
  • Wear something a little colourful to help brighten your day
  • Avoid hanging out on Sunday nights
  • Try a bit of classical music to boost your lousy mood
  • See Mondays as an opportunity to set some positive energy for the week
  • You are grown, an adult in the working world. Get use to it

And if you want to do some more reading here are 5 ways meditation can improve your focus and concentration.

  • Meditation helps to promote your emotional well-being
  • It trains your mind to increase self-awareness
  • It helps to reduce stress and anxiety – when you are stress it reduces your focus and concentration
  • It helps you to examine your thoughts and rid your mind of the things that prevents you from being still
  • It give you the ability to manage crowded thoughts thereby increasing your concentration

Patience is Virtue…
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