How I Fell in Love With Stories

I can recall from a young age a book I used to read very often over and over again. A big yellow book with its name written in red on the cover. It was full of stories. Many of you am sure will know what am talking about. As far as I can remember that was my first book.

Then came the others namely, The Three Little Pigs, The Princess and the Pea, Little Bear’s Visit, Frog and Toad, The Cat in the Hat and who Sank the Boat. These books were my earliest memories preceding the big yellow book where I developed my love for reading. They smell great too. Yep! A reader would know. They were so magical and transported my little mind to another world. Thanks to the giver, I had more books than toys.

There was this one book that really impressed me. I didn’t mention it above. Named “Encyclopedia of the World” I hope my memory serves me right. Whenever I read that book it took me on an adventure around the globe. Colourful and scenic. People and culture. Oh, by the way, I love to travel. Been to a few places but I’m not done.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in an environment where I was surrounded by readers so as time went by it was difficult to maintain such a habit. I believe they may have destroyed my book or loaned them to other children. Yes, without my permission. And perhaps I was too young to have a say. Sad tale.

Life was boring after that. It was back to my big yellow book. That too became monotonous. As I’ve become accustomed to a diversity of stories.

And guess what I would find strange things to read from even the instruction on a can of peas. On one occasion, I was visiting my cousins and on a table was a PIECE of the newspaper. Exactly less than half of a page. It wasn’t even the news, it was “letters to the editor” I started reading and my cousin said to me “You like to read?” I haven’t responded yet. She continued, “It’s just a piece of newspaper. Maybe for her, but for me, it was an entire book. I relish that piece of reading until today. Even more, since I had nothing else to immerse myself in.

I grew up and I believe, although I never lost my love for reading I rarely was around people who loved reading. And joining the library wasn’t easy, so I stayed in my comfort zone. It was too many questions in my head, too many “what ifs.” Too scared.

Eventually, I’d purchase my own books. Then the internet became popular and I have access to so many books online. I can even get them on kindle. How convenient is that? At least for me. It was back to my old habits.

Throughout my life, I remained captivated by stories. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, stories hold a special place in my heart.

I haven’t written in years. I started some screenwriting but I took a break. Then my blog came along. I must give credit to my love for reading until today and forever.

Yeah. That’s it. Everything in a nutshell. Or you don’t like nuts?

“”In books I have travelled, not only to other worlds, but into my own.”

Anna Quindlen

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