Gratitude Is Easy When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

It is easy to be carried away with the cares of life and forget to stop and appreciate things in life. And when you are going through tough times it is even more difficult to remember that there are things to be thankful for. Regardless, it is always good for us to recognize that we should be appreciative – starting from the little things.

I learned to practice an attitude of gratitude from a young age. It is profoundly effective. I have grown to understand that a simple thankfulness goes a long way.

Unfortunately, we have a society where everyone is tied up in complicated feelings. As a result, it is harder for them to express a feeling of appreciation.

The act of gratitude is easy when it’s a habit. I say this because I am of the belief when it’s embedded in you – you perceive things differently. In my experience, I constantly look for the “message” or “lesson” in circumstances and so I strongly believe there is a reason for everything hence, I choose to be thankful for everything. Others have told me that’s “weird,”

I understand that for some people this is difficult because their belief is rooted in the way they were cultured, and even their personality and that may be the reason why gratitude doesn’t come easily.

It is my opinion that when practising from a tender age one may find it easy to show appreciation as opposed to others who may find it hard to demonstrate.

Gratitude doesn’t have to be for big things and occasions. You can start with appreciating the little things. Recognize there is nothing too small to be thankful for. It could be simple as appreciating a sunny day. Don’t leave out anything when giving gratitude.

“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all other virtue.”


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